Prepping for Visits to Hair salons

It’s probably really frustrating when you don’t know what you want to do when you’re about to hit the hair salons.  It will probably be more frustrating for the hair stylist who has to accommodate you. Rarely do those Cinderella moments you see in the movies happen in real life, when you walk into the hair salons and the stylist looks at you, spontaneously gives you a full detailed response on what he is going to do with your hair, and then you walk out looking almost like a whole new person. In real life, hair stylists do not have the kind of instant magic that fairy godmothers have.

While they make it their utmost priority to let you go home with beautiful hair, it definitely is a stressful process for them.  To avoid the headaches, here are some tips you can follow before heading to the hair salons:

hair salon1.Know what you want.

You cannot be fickle-minded when you get to the salon.  You cannot tell your stylist that you want a particular hairstyle only to change your mind several times even before he has taken the first snip of hair off.  Standing around waiting for you to make a decision will definitely be a waste of time.  Have a good idea of what you want and then bring a picture to show your stylist when you come over for your hair treatment.  This way, he could tell you right away whether what you want is possible or not.

2. Prep your hair accordingly.

It would be advisable to call in advance and ask the salon what you need to do before you come in.  There are treatments that require hair to be washed.  On the other hand, there are treatments that do not work as effectively when the hair has just been washed and has been stripped off its natural oils.

3. Inquire and research ahead of time about what treatments you could get.

What you want might not match with what is possible.  For instance, your hair stylist will not agree to bleaching your hair if it is too dry or damaged.  Do not be mad at your hair stylist when this happens as he is just thinking of what’s good for your hair.

4. Ask for opinion on what to do. If you could trust anyone to give you an honest reply, it’s a friend.

More specifically though, a friend who knows enough about fashion and enough about you. If you’re thinking about chopping off several inches of your hair, you need someone to tell you how it’s going to be afterwards.

5. Stay loyal to one hair stylist.

If you find someone who knows your hair better than you do, then you have to go to that person whenever you have problems with your hair. Let it be consistent.  Frequently changing hair stylists could also affect the quality of your hair.

6. Think realistically when you enter the hair salons.

Don’t walk in there for the first time and expect to come out looking fabulous, not yet at least. Depending on the severity of your damaged hair, it could take quite awhile. But do not get discouraged, you’ll get there.

7.Maintenance is key.

You cannot expect the hair stylists to do all the work, can you? There are plenty of ways to do the damage control on your hair, you can research about them online or see if your stylist has anything to recommend. With a few simple ingredients you could find right at home, you can make a DIY treatment for your hair.

8.Money should not be a hindrance.

If you’re thinking about how expensive the treatments and haircuts are, it will all be worth it in the long run. Keeping your hair happy does not really need to take much money. There is no need to go to expensive hair salons, when you know you could get similar quality somewhere cheaper.

Preparation for anything is the key to a successful outcome. Prepare well, so that you could maximize your time, and as well as your stylist’s time, at the hair salons.