Top Features of an Effective Article Writer

The Internet is crawling with writers today due to the rising popularity of virtual workers. Not every one of them, unfortunately, can be considered a good article writer. So, whether you are an employer or an aspiring writer, you may want to know the best features of such good writers and try to gravitate towards those in terms of both hiring and training. Here are some of them.

The writer uses mostly bare facts.

Article writerA writer may be tempted to spin articles with little facts and mostly opinion. After all, the opinion part is pretty easy. This is why a lot of people effortlessly write personal blogs. With personal blogs and opinion, not a lot of research is needed – just a few facts to stew on unless the opinion would be focusing on political or scientific ideas. An article writer, however, should focus on the facts: the events or idea and the details, because those are what the readers are waiting for. They would read an Opinion piece if they want just that – opinion.

The writer clarifies and explains.

A writer is basically a teacher or reporter employing the written format. So, he should be able to explain a topic clearly. The writer cannot just assume that everyone could understand what was written but should ensure that everything has been laid out in a way that a teacher should. An article, after all, is not just a rant but an informative piece.

The writer composes a solid and structured format.

The format used is also important in telling a story. If the article writer tends to meander, he can end up confusing his readers. He should have planned the structure before writing the article. This way, there is a smooth flow and the ideas are communicated effectively and not just scattered about the piece.

The writer tells the full story.

The writer should be able to present all sides. If he wants to be taken seriously as an article writer, he should not just promote the side of one person or organization, but should present all of the facts. The writer should not cover up any part of the story. He should help people get to understand the topic without deciding what they should think.

The writer is humble.

Whatever type of writer one aspires to be, he should be humble. A writer does not smugly present facts as if he is the only source of brilliant information out there. He, instead, should present facts as a humble servant. After all, he is serving his audience with the facts. It is his responsibility, whether he is being paid high for it or not. If he likes writing his ideals for himself then he should just write blogs, which does not mean to say writing blogs is a terrible thing. Even then, he should stay humble as not to push away his readers.

The writer reads.

A good writer should frequently read all sorts of books, journals, and newspapers. He may even thumb through graphic novels and magazines to get updated constantly on what are the current styles and trending topics. Reading also improves point of view, grammar, and personal style.

The writer edits and revises.

One of the most important features of any good writer is the ability to understand the importance of editing and revisions. He should not just rely on the belief that he is skilful enough and could type in an account speedily without going back to it. This understanding of one’s own fallibility makes a good writer.

Of course, people will tell you that a good and effective article writer should know how to, well, write. This is a person who has devoted his time to a love affair with words. The above features, however, enhance natural and learned talents.