Make Your Own Shirt From Home

make your own shirt Before high-tech shirt printing devices became accessible to everyone, printing a shirt at home usually meant you have to go the DIY route completely.

You will need to prepare a silkscreen pattern, textile paint, a rubber spreader, etc. In short, you will be replicating the process that the shirt makers of old used to do (and still do, in some parts of the world today).

Luckily in North America and in many other parts of the world where heat press machines and textile printers are widely available, this is no longer the case. And the best thing about this is you can order shirts from the comfort of your home, and have your new custom shirts delivered right to your doorstep.

The costs aren’t prohibitive either. Custom shirts can cost as little as $10 (or even less, in some cases) and the quality of the fabrics used is the same as the fabrics you will find in warehouse sales, supermarket bins, and other places where they sell new shirts.

Some of the benefits of buying custom shirts are:

  1. You get to pick the right size and shirt type. No more settling for shirt sizes that are too big or too small. Pick the exact size that you want, and match the size with the color that you prefer. Well-established custom shirt websites are well-stocked with different shirt sizes and make, and this makes shopping online really easy.
  1. You’re the boss when it comes to the colors that you want. Some people like it all white, some all black. Still others blues, green, and pinks. Whatever your color preferences may be, you can do that with a custom shirt website. Pick as many as you want in the right assortment of colors, and you are ready to design your shirts.
  1. This is the greatest benefit: you get to pick the design/s! Find a design that you like when shopping for shirts in bargain bins and department stores is a hassle. The activity is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack.

How many times have you tried to look for a good shirt to wear only to spend needless minutes sifting through bad and weird designs that simply do not fit your personality?

We’re sure that you have experienced this more than once in your life. With a custom shirt website, you get to pick the designs and where they go. You can mix and match shirts and designs as much as you want before settling for the final combination. Then you can place your order and just wait for your brand new shirts to arrive in the mail.

Do you want to order custom shirts but have no idea how to get started with actually designing your new shirts? There are a couple of things that you may want to explore when you pick out shirt designs in the database of the custom shirt website that you want to order from.

  1. What are your main interests in life? Movies and TV shows are a dead giveaway, but you can also look for designs that revolve around the stuff you’ve read or even values that you have. Culture is a rich repository of images and concepts that you can put on a shirt. Take note also that you don’t have to use pre-made templates in a custom shirt website. You can, by all intents and purposes, use your own design and have the custom shirt website print that for you.
  1. Are you buying a shirt for a specific event or occasion? Birthdays, reunions, and all other occasions require specific images and text in order to make the shirts relevant to the event. The fastest way to arrive at a relevant design is to simplify what you want to say on the shirt.

What is the name of the event? Where is the event being held? Who is the celebrant, if any? Take these bits of information and create a shirt design that conveys the spirit of the event.

make your own shirtSimple works, but in some cases, it’s alright to add multiple variables or elements into the design if the spirit of the occasion or event requires a much more complex projection or image. Always, you can use different images and lines of text and combine them into a meaningful pastiche that people would want to wear.

  1. Are you designing a shirt for a corporate event or something that is related to your work? Let’s say that you are a business owner and you are selling unique, red velvet cupcakes. What kind of branding do you want to create with your shirt? What is the central image?

The idea behind a shirt that sells a brand is it still has to connect with the audience in a meaningful way. Use a custom promotional shirt to make people smile when they see what the shirt has to say. More than just identifying your brand, you can kick it up a notch and make your shirt a genuine statement shirt. Mottos and slogans can be added to shirt designs with accompanying images that boost the impact of the overall design.

  1. Are you designing a shirt because you want to give a couple of shirts away as a gift to someone? The best inspiration for a shirt design, in this case, is the person receiving the shirts in question.

How well do you know the recipient of the shirts? You have to have a basic understanding of what the recipient is into before you can pick out a good design. If all else fails, or if you aren’t really that familiar with the personal interest of the person, you can always resort to humor.

Custom shirt websites have tons of resources on jokes and puns. Pick the best puns and jokes and slap them on your shirts and you will have the perfect gifts for any occasion? Remember: explore the database before picking on the final designs.


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