Motivational Speakers: Are they Needed by Organizations?

The great motivational speakers are coaches. Motivation is an important psychological feature that you can have in your life. It is your driving factor, like a fuel to start the engine working. Without motivation, you are leading yourself to a dead end.

In some business organizations, they depend on their team’s drive for success through keeping their motivation level high. The ideal way to do this is through holding conferences, trainings, events, and seminars for employees. They hire motivational speakers to talk in front of their employees.

Motivational speakers are trained to inspire, promote, empower, offer encouragement, and guide the participants to work on their goals. They are knowledgeable and experienced in making significant impacts on sales, productivity, profits, and overall morale of the company.

Companies arrange for an event and invite motivational speakers that will best fit based on the theme and the goals of the company. They are specialized speakers in various businesses and topics from fitness, health care, and sports team, to team building for sales and marketing personnel. An organization can search first through looking through video presentations of a prospective motivational speaker or conducting phone interviews before getting their services. The end goal should be getting the best-fit speaker for the right topic to come up with the right results.

How to get started

Motivational speakersThe attendees of a seminar conducted by a motivational speaker must feel refreshed, satisfied, confident, happy, and of course, motivated. Keeping the end goal – making every participant motivated, can result to repeat conduction of programs, requests of supplementary materials that you prepared, or usage of your self-motivating videotapes of audiotapes. Employees are motivated through challenging, interesting, and increasingly responsible work. These are intrinsic factors that are needed for personal development and growth.

Motivation is also defined as a purposeful way to attain unmet needs. This is also defined as the will of a person to reach their goals or the inner force of a person that drives him to become like an engine. Whatever way you define motivation, you need it in your personal and professional life.

The important things to consider in selecting motivational speakers

These are the things that you need to keep in mind that will create a lasting change within your company


it should be inspiration. Motivation is something that will prompt a person to act on something in a specific way. It is an external force that can be a temporary fix that diminishes swiftly when the force is gone. Usually, a motivational speaker wants his audience to work hard in attaining his goals or avoid something. Inspiration is to exalt and animate the influence. Inspiration starts from within and works on its own way out. Inspiration is not meant to be short-term. It is an assurance to live your life that will make you feel passionate and enthusiastic. Plus, you live according to the purpose of your life. A motivational speaker can fuel the engine that already exists in every person.


it should be a process. Telling stories is entertaining and fun. However, it might not get the attention or cannot inspire all your participants. A motivational speaker is not there to share a repeatable process. He is there to give you a proven process for a change that will give the audience the capacity to set their own reachable goals and aspirations. A speaker is capable to provide the tools that can be used by the audience for the rest of their lives.


it should be independence or interdependence. A typical coach would want his team to constantly require their guidance and knowledge. On the other hand, there are teams who rely too much from their coaches for directions. One of the goals of a speaker is to create independence. You have to recognize your capacity to attain your goals with minimal supervision.